Honorary Members 


Later, deserving astrologers became Honorary Members of the DAV:

Heinz W. Duphorn, founding member of the DAV

Thomas Ring for his comprehensive impact on and creation of a ‘revised astrology’

Alexander von Pronay and Dr. Ernst von Xylander for their journalistic achievements

Heinz Specht for his basic research in the field of House Systems

André Barbault for his research of cycles in mundane astrology

Hans Matthaei und Paul Schulze for their merits as DAV-chairpersons

Edith Wangemann for her engagement in the DAV and as first chairperson of the Cosmobiosophical Society

Udo Rudolph (director of the School of Hamburg), for his merits as co-founder of the „German Astrology Days“

Hermann Meyer (director, Institute of Psychological Astrology in Munich), for his research in the fields of astrology and psychosomatics

Walter Böer, for his research in the field of statistical and scientific compilation of astrological phenomena

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