the Objectives of the German Astrological Association


Information, research, training etc.

1.      Information of the public about potentials and limitations of serious astrology
2.      Open-minded support for unprejudiced research
3.      Support of  professional astrologers in their everyday working life
4.      Upholding the principle of tolerance towards other methods as long as no explicit research results or experiences appear to justify a decision for or against a particular method
5.      Representation of the job-related interests of serious astrologers. This includes the certification of professional qualification, which is attained on completion of training as an astrologer at the DAV training centres and by means of the DAV examinations. This certificate of professional qualification authorizes the student to assume the title of ‘Certified Astrologer  (DAV)’. Attendant on the passing of the afore-mentioned examination is the pledge to uphold certain basic moral tenets which are recorded in the Rules of Professional Conduct of the DAV and which primarily ensure the protection of the client.

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